My Picks: Saturday Night Chickflix

If you know me, you know I love curling up with my duvet, with B&BW candles lit, junkfood nearby, and Netflix in full force. So you can understand my excitement when I realized that I had a whole Saturday night to dedicate to total relaxation. That’s right – no study notes staring at me from the corner of my eye, or essays-in-process open on my desktop (in case inspiration strikes). It almost sounds pathetic, but the last Saturday night I had off dates back to SEPTEMBER, September 28th to be exact (I checked my agenda). All of this spare time seemed a little overwhelming, until I realized I could catch up on all the cheesy Chickflix (Netflix Chick Flicks) that I couldn’t pay my boyfriend to watch with me.

So if you’re like me and love a good chick flick, here are my recommendations. They’re extra cheesy, super girly, and the perfect way to give your brain a rest after a hectic week. If you’re into critically acclaimed stuff, these picks aren’t for you; so save yourself the trauma. Also, all of these are available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix! (*The American version of Netflix. And for those of you still living in the dark ages of Canadian Netflix, get your priorities straight.)

1. Beauty and the Briefcase: Features Hilary Duff as an undercover journalist at an investment banking firm where she’s trying to date a businessman, all for a Cosmo magazine cover story. I actually felt like I was watching a grown-up version of Lizzie McGuire (voice overs included), and I’m sure this movie went straight to TV as I hadn’t even heard of it until now. But the fashion is great, and it is Hilary Duff – so really, what’s not to love?

2. Clueless: Feeling nostalgic, this was the first movie I pulled out of the vaults. It was hard not to miss the 90’s, but it was actually hilarious to see all of the scenes that I thought were so scandalous when I was  kid. And if you’re in your twenties and still haven’t seen this movie, make this your first priority.

3. Crimes of Fashion: I’m not sure who had the fabulously weird idea to make Kaley Cuoco and Megan Fox co-stars, but it happened in this movie. With Kaley’s comedy and Megan’s hotness, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about this earlier, but then again it’s no Life of Pi. Oh and also, they’re fashion students who get involved with the mafia. Okay, the more I say about this movie the more crazy it sounds, but definately give it a shot.

4. Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as, get this, high school catholic girls. I just found this movie tonight, but apparently it’s been around since 1985, so now I feel like I’ve really been missing out. There are choreographed dance routines and high-waisted jeans, and it will totally make you wish you were an 80’s girl.

5. What to Expect When You’re Expecting: I’m a sucker for movies with a star studded cast – especially when it features Cameron Diaz (my girl). Although its super disappointing that this is the only Diaz movie on Netflix, you sure see enough of her and her hot bod in her scenes. It might even convince you to start that workout routine you’ve been meaning to get into…… tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “My Picks: Saturday Night Chickflix

  1. I love Netflix and I love your list of chick flick movies =) I didn’t expect to like What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but I loved it!!! Cameron definitely made me wanna workout! haha.


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