My Picks: Tropical Travel Essentials

My trip to Punta Cana is just barely a month away, so I’ve obviously already started putting together a shopping list of the items I MUST have before my departure. I haven’t been on a tropical vacation since I was 15 years old, so I’m clearly a little excited. This is my list of must-have tropical vacation beauty essentials – but if you think I’m absolutely missing anything, please let me know!

1. The Body Shop Shimmering Dry Oil: I am SO pumped to try this product – I’ve heard so many good things about it, and I think this is the perfect product to compliment a tan after a day in the sun. Although some of the reviewers have said they don’t love the smell, my guess is that it smells similar to self-tanner (something I’ve grown very accustomed to – lol) so I doubt its as bad as people claim. You can also purchase similar products at Sephora, but I think this one best suits most student budgets.

Click for enlarged view

2. Bare Minerals “Prime Time” Foundation Primer: I never realized what a difference primer can make – but whether you wear it under foundation or alone, it really does wonders for your complexion! I’ve been using Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer as of late, but I love trying out different brands – so I want to give this one a try, mostly because I’m so intrigued by its spray bottle design. As much as I wish I could go bare faced on vacation, I still have blemishes to hide. So this little product will be my fresh-faced compromise.

bareMinerals - Prime Time™ Foundation Primer

3. Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment: I’m well aware of the destructive effects that the hot hot sun can have on sensitive strands, and if you’ve been keeping up with me, you should already know that I’ll do anything to maintain the health of my hair! A product like this is absolutely necessary to bring along to the Caribbean, especially after long days soaking in the sun and chlorine. Although I’ll probably only need to use this 2 or 3 times during my trip, I refuse to come home with destroyed hair.

Living Proof - Restore Mask Treatment

4. Clinique High Impact *Waterproof* Mascara: Waterproof mascara is obviously a MUST on a tropical vacation. I find that a lot of girls ditch all of their makeup when they hit the beach, which is awesome if that’s what you’re into. But I don’t have the clearest skin, and I don’t have the longest lashes – so I’ll compromise by enhancing these features, since I obviously plan to take a bunch of pictures in which I’d prefer to not look hideous! (Kidding….sort of). If you’ve never tried it before, Clinique sells really awesome mascara. And I’m planning to buy waterproof for obvious reasons.

CLINIQUE - High Impact Waterproof Mascara

5. Laura Mercier HydraTint: First of all, how pretty is the colour of this balm? Secondly, it has SPF 15! So necessary if you’re sitting out in the sun all day. I love that this isn’t just your regular lip balm; because like most girls these days, I’m loving the bright lip colour trend that everyone is so into.

Laura Mercier - HydraTint SPF 15


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