My Picks: 2013’s Best PR Campaigns

One of the things I love most about the rise of technology and social media is the amazing PR campaigns that are made possible (and visible) because of these fabulous inventions. It’s probably obvious that I have a soft spot for this kind of thing, but there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing someone’s project come to life and rapidly gain worldwide popularity – I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to watch my own idea unfold in the same way. So as 2013 wraps up, I’d like to take a moment to remember some of my favourite advertisements and campaigns from the year.

5. Coca Cola’s ‘Open Happiness’ 2013 Commercial: Coke is one of my top 5 favourite products of all time, so it makes me beyond happy when a brand I already love comes up with something fantastic like this. This commercial will always get to me (as in – I cry every time), and it gives me a little more faith in humanity with every view.

4. NBA’s Jingle Hoops & Short Sleeved Jerseys: One of things I love about the NBA is its constant innovation and promotion of the sport – I’m not sure this is something that’s paralleled in any other sports league. The Jingle Hoops commercial was not only a great way to encourage the Christmas spirit among fans, but also an awesome way to debut the new short sleeved jerseys. What other league has managed to innovate teams’ uniforms league-wide? Any avid NBA fan would love to receive one of these under the tree, so the timing of its release couldn’t be more genius. The only unfortunate thing about them is the lack of selection for fans of say, the Toronto Raptors.

3. #WestJetChristmas: I’m sure most people are tired of hearing about this one, but you have to commend WestJet on it’s bold attempt to get its passengers into the Christmas spirit. This isn’t the first time WestJet has stepped out of the box to deliver some incredible PR, and I’m sure it won’t be the last either. But one thing for sure is that WestJet will continue to be my number one choice of airline (in hopes that one day I’ll be able to partake in one of their magical creations as well).

2. #PlanetBritney Las Vegas Announcement: My only complaint about this stunt is… where was my invite? This was an ingenious way to announce Britney Spear’s Las Vegas residency. The large-scaledness of the event only exemplifies how large scale Britney’s Vegas shows are going to be. The best part about it – Britney had no idea that her fans were going to be there with their own surprise for her! All hail Godney!

1. Beyonce: When Beyonce released her album earlier this month with no warning, no hints, nothing at all – she created an uproar. This is essentially why Beyonce’s stunt has to be number one, seeing as she created one of the greatest PR stunts of all time, without really using any PR at all. Obviously this is a ballsy move, and most brands and individuals would not be capable of pulling off something of this caliber with the amount of success that followed, but kudos to Beyonce for proving how big of a star she truly is.


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