23 Things To Just Do (Unwritten & Huffington Post edition)

My post “23 Things to Just Do” received so much positive feedback and success, I still can’t believe it! An updated version is now featured on the Unwritten blog AND on Huffington Post – these posts feature a BRAND new introduction, be sure to check ’em out!


There’s been an article floating around Facebook over the past few weeks titled “23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You’re 23”.

As everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the author comments on how so many of her Facebook friends seem to be getting married at such a young age, and how this is not a good choice.

It’s not a good choice because you’re young, you haven’t figured out who you are yet, the divorce rate is increasing and God forbid you contribute to this statistic…

Essentially, life ends with marriage at 23.

Now, in MY opinion, there’s nothing wrong with being single (and happy about it), but there’s also nothing wrong with being engaged, married, and/or committed at 23 (or younger). The real problem arises when we judge others’ relationships and think: she’s engaged so young – there goes her life, OMG he proposed…

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