Life After Going Viral

This is the post I’ve been dreading…. the post taking place directly after my “23 Things To Just Do” post that has recently went mildly viral. If you haven’t already heard (okay, okay of course you’ve heard… I’ll stop talking about it after this post), 23 Things gained a crazy amount of popularity, particularly the version I wrote for the Unwritten blog and Huffington Post. As a small town (and fairly new) blogger, I’m still fascinated by my article showing up on the first page of Google, and the fact that there are people from all over the world tweeting the link.

But I’ve been dreading this post because it’s hard to compete with yourself after accomplishing something so huge. I can imagine this is how Vanilla Ice felt after Ice Ice Baby topped the charts. So as much as I hate to say it, although I have a whole list of topics just waiting to be written, I’ve been avoiding blogging for the past couple of days. Actually it wasn’t until today when I thought “Hey, did Britney Spears just quit after blowing up with Baby One More Time? No!”, that I realized that I need to put the pen back to the paper (figuratively, of course) and continue on with my life and my writing.

Because although I’m still fangirling over myself, I have to remember my roots and why this blog formed in the first place. As an aspiring public relations professional I’m constantly pushing myself to learn new things and have new experiences. And as lucky as I am to have a job where I’m able to put together technical reports, I love having my blog which allows me to write about fun things. Because I think it’s important to know how to change your writing voice. And more importantly, I just love writing. You could say it’s my hobby. And maybe it’s not as cool as being able to play a sport really well or singing in a Glee club, but it’s something I love to do even if other people think it’s kind of silly (and somewhat nerdy).

So thank you to everyone who shared, liked, tweeted, and just simply read my post. And special thanks to Michelle at Unwritten for having me write for her. At the risk of sounding sappy, I just hope I’ve been able inspire others to work hard and go after what you want. Obviously writing my blog is a “fun” kind of work, but there’s so many days when I have “blogger’s block” (as Paul calls it) and I really have to force the words out. But I still get them out there because it’s important to me. If you’re passionate about something, the possibilities are endless.

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Stay tuned for upcoming posts about tropical travel, managing group projects, and fashion items you never knew you needed!


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