On My Mind: #BellLetsTalk Day

As someone who has seen many people close to me struggle with mental illness, Bell Let’s Talk Day is an initiative that really resonates with me.

For those unfamiliar with the program, on January 28 (today) Bell will donate 5 cents for every text message and mobile/long distance phone call made on a Bell phone, as well as any tweet using the hash tag #BellLetsTalk, and Facebook share of their Bell Let’s Talk image.

With every corporate initiative, there are critics. A few people will always have to say that the company is exploiting this social issue by turning it into a PR campaign, but those people are not seeing the big picture.

Many of those who struggle with mental health issues, suffer in silence. So when a major corporation takes over social networking sites to encourage Canadians across the country to show their support, it helps to destigmatize the issue. But not only does this initiative open everyone’s eyes to a problem that affects more people than you could ever imagine, it also raises a hell of a lot of money for mental health programs across the country.

I consider myself extremely lucky, because when I struggled with trying to maintain my own positive mental health, I was able to reach out to my school to receive the assistance I needed. But what happens when I’m not a student anymore? I’d like to think that I’d still be able to find the resources I need, no matter what point I’m at in my life. And thanks to Bell’s large contributions to programs like these, I’m sure I’ll be able to.

But Bell’s large contributions to these amazing initiatives would not be possible without our help. So join the conversation today and help end the stigma. Text, tweet, share, and call – because even your best friend could be struggling without anyone knowing it.



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