Fashion Fix: Don’t Let the Vortex Get in Your Way

Alright, I’ve pretty much had enough of these crazy below-average temperatures…Polar Vortex, can you not? The thing I hate most about this kind of weather is my inability to dress even remotely cute because I’ve made staying warm a priority. But I’m sick of living this way! I have a social calendar jam-packed with events that my down-filled parka just isn’t invited to, so how do I avoid getting frostbite?

I’ve been combing all of my favourite fashion sites, trying to find some tricks to staying warm without wearing eighteen layers, and although there are some articles out there – they all require you to purchase new things! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still recovering from my Christmas bills so I can’t necessarily afford to buy a whole new Alaskan-inspired wardrobe (especially because I don’t live in Alaska, and I refuse to believe that the temperatures will continue to chill [litereally] at the -30 mark). So like any desperate fashionista, I’ve come up with some of my own tricks to keep my outfits cozy.

  1. Leggings are my Best Friend: I used to think leggings went with everything…. Now I know they go with everything because I literally wear them with every outfit (although they’re not necessarily visible). Jeans, dress pants, khakis – winterize your bottoms by slipping a pair of leggings underneath, trust me, this layer makes all the difference. Now if you want to wear leggings for the sake of wearing leggings – layer 2 (or more) pairs on top of each other (a bit of a mission, but still possible).
  2. Sneaky Layers: It doesn’t take a genius to know that layering is key for winter – but you can only take this so far, and sometimes too many layers is just too much when you’re spending most of your time inside. I choose to disguise my layers by wearing an extra fleece sweater under my pea coat (and it comes off when the jacket does), and you know those awesome Under Armour tees and tanks? They’re designed to regulate your body temp, and although this usually means keeping you cool while you sweat, they can also keep you warm. Slip one of these under your blouse, undetected.
  3. Double Up: You know those nights out when you feel like you just need to wear a skirt? Don’t let the weather stand in your way! I’ve started to layer two pairs of nylons on top of each other to make them a little more functional for this kind of temperature. Bonus: if you get a run or tear, it pretty well goes unnoticed thanks to the second pair. While this may not be the absolute warmest wear, at least it will make the walk from the car to the restaurant that much more bearable.
  4. Industrial Wear is a Thing: Lucky for us, we live in an era of cute boots. And thankfully they’re pretty much made for these cold temperatures! You know your dad’s huge, construction-worker type wool socks? You can totally get away with wearing these in your cutest boots – no one will ever know, and your toes will stay warm. This is uber important to me because I believe that once my feet are cold, there’s no hope for the rest of my body. And the lower the temperature, the more pairs you can (try) to wear at once.
  5. Travel Mugs are a Staple Accessory: No, I’m not just looking for another reason to drink more Starbucks, but toting a hot drink along on your travels is an easy way to warm yourself up. And this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to up your caffeine intake just to avoid frostbite – herbal teas, hot chocolate, hot apple cider – the possibilities are endless! Taking a sip of your drink whenever you feel a chill coming on is an instant fix for frostbite.bundled up in New York

So? Let me know how my little tricks work for you! And if you have any of your own tips, I’d love to hear them. Don’t let the vortex interfere with your fashion life ladies!


What are your thoughts?

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