To My 17 Year Old Self

Do 17 year olds read my blog? I don’t think they do. I feel like, when I was 17, I had no interest in hearing about how some nerdy university girl found jobs, networked, and (attempted) to do well in school. But looking back, I wish these were things I took an interest in. Because maybe now, at age 21, I wouldn’t feel like I’m already having a quarter-life crisis while I try to put myself ahead of everyone else in this game called ‘the real world’.

But I know I can’t convince any of you youngins’ that there are more important things in life than having the best Friday night plans and the most followers on Twitter; finding out for yourself is half the fun (the other half is having good stories to tell your adult friends and, dare I say, children). So in the spirit of nostalgia, here are the things I wish I had known at 17:

Going to school with perfectly straightened hair and a full face of makeup won’t make people like you.

Your best friends won’t care how far you move or how often you text them, but they’ll still put everything on hold when you call or come back home.

That natural 6 pack you had from having an unusually high metabolism throughout your childhood won’t outlive your university meal plan.

Don’t fall victim to the self-fulfilling prophecy. The kids at your high school don’t take your seriously? Work your ass off and be their boss some day.

Spend less money on clubwear, more money on blazers.

Don’t use people as security blankets. Be courageous enough to find happiness on your own.

Don’t get a fake ID, you’ll ruin all of your own fun when you’ve grown out of your ‘bar stage’ by the time you even turn 19.

The bleached blonde hair extensions look isn’t doing you any favours.

Save your money. Your university self will thank you.

M O N D A Y S :(

The social media world doesn’t need to know our problems, nor does it care.

Nobody cares if you were cool in high school.

Meeting the love of your life shouldn’t be a “goal”. Falling in love is the most beautiful phenomenon if you just let it happen naturally.

Even the most successful PR practitioner doesn’t need to know why the limit does not exist. Advanced Functions will waste your time.

ok so today in calculus we were learning about limits and stuff. for this one example the answer was “does not exist” and in my head popped up that one scene in mean girls where cady’s all like “the limit does not exist. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!!!” and before i realized it, it all just made sense and i actually had yelled it out really loud with my hands up in the air and like only two other people knew what was happening and started laughing their ass off while the professor was just like “ok good..i never had a student so excited before” but yeah thanks cady 

People are going to hate to see you be successful. These people are lonely, jealous, and quite frankly, unsuccessful.



9 thoughts on “To My 17 Year Old Self

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  2. I love this! Even three years out of high school life is significantly different and I wish I didn’t get so upset over small things while I was there.

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