Social Media Moments: Who Really Won the Olympics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – major sporting events are not only fun for fans and athletes; they also provide killer reading material for PR students like myself! I get way too excited when a major corporation publishes a cheeky tweet or photo, add in a celebrity endorsement or a pop culture reference and I’m over the moon.

So perhaps now you understand why, instead of being glued to my television screen while Canada proved how much we really are winter, I was glued to my timeline and Twitter feed, trying to see which brand would beat all of the others to the punch. And in case you were too busy basking in the golden Canadian glory to notice all of the hard work coming from WestJet and Oreo, I’ve prepared a neat little package of the companies that really won the Olympics. 

5. WestJet: Picture this – you’re on your way to (or from) your reading week destination of choice, flying WestJet (because why would you choose otherwise), and you’re watching the game 40, 000 feet in the air ….and then celebrating with all of your fellow travelers. From what I’ve heard, WestJet did not have any significant investment in the Olympics, but their social media coverage made me want to jump on one of their plans and go absolutely anywhere. I love that we live in a time when a simple 140-character statement can have this kind of influence on our brand perception, and finally, I now know how I would answer DropBox’s interview question: this is something I’m totally geeky about.

WestJet1    WestJet2

4. Starbucks: We all know Tim Hortons coffee pretty much represents everything Canadians stand for, but if that’s true, why was this company off it’s Twitter game at such a crucial time of year? This isn’t to say that the coffee chain didn’t acknowledge the fact that the Olympics are a thing, but it seems like they were a little overly focused on their Roll Up the Rim Campaign; which means Starbucks had more than enough opportunities to become the drink of choice for those who were up at 7 to watch the men’s hockey gold medal game (unfortunately not all of us live in cities where the “serving alcohol at 7 AM” rule was instated). I love knowing that a company’s execs are just as excited for a good game as I am!

Starbucks1     Starbucks2

3.  Stephen Harper: So I’m not big on politics, but anytime I see a huge political figure acting even slightly human, I think it’s so cool (let’s get this straight – this does not necessarily reflect my opinion on Harper). What’s even cooler is Harper and Obama’s little wager on the hockey games, and the fact that they were betting beer, just like the rest of us. I’m so not trying to start a political discussion on this blog post, but I’m sure at least one person will keep his tweets in mind the next time they’re staring at their ballot.

Harper1      Harper2

2. Hudson’s Bay Company: Obviously I had to include the company responsible for all of the cute Canada gear, but fortunately the company’s Olympic spirit didn’t stop there. Cross promotion is a pretty big deal, so this company takes the cake for the best recipe of sports, clothing, and spirit – I’m just disappointed that I didn’t have my own red mittens to wave in the air when Canada scored! Here’s to hoping all of those cute pieces I restrained myself from purchasing all winter will now go on sale.

HBC1         HBC2

1. Oreo: Oreo has been killing the Twitter game ever since the infamous SuperBowl blackout of 2013, so it’s no surprise that they were doling out their share of Olympics-themed tweets. Although I’m not sure that this company would’ve ranked as the number one spot if I hadn’t read this article about their marketing ‘war room’ first, their commitment to maintaining a relevant social media presence is unreal (and also quite admirable for corps that haven’t jumped on the Twitter train yet). One thing’s for sure – I definitely remember the brands with the most memorable tweets when I’m trying to choose a snack at the grocery store!

 Oreo1                        Oreo2

So tell me I’m not the only one obsessing over the Olympics very best social media moments and more importantly, did I miss anything incredible that should be included in this list? Fill me in on your faves, I’m dying to know! 


What are your thoughts?

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