The 5 Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

Sorry guys, this post is for the ladies today.

I’ve been inspired to write this post for the past few months, but in an effort to curb my addiction to everything in Sephora, I’ve put off writing it. I’m not a makeup artist by any means, but I AM a Sephora VIB (the second level of the Beauty Insider club, is this cool or embarrassing? I’m not sure) and I have to say that I sure know my way around a makeup bag. But if this is true… I shouldn’t have a mini panic attack every time I take an overnight trip and think I forgot my supplies, right? Wrong! I hate to say it, but even if the people I’m travelling with are willing to share their products with me, their collections are severely lacking, but by no fault of their own. Over the countless hours I’ve spent in the mall or on Pinterest, I’ve made some pretty amazing discoveries in the cosmetics department, and now there are some less popular products that I just can’t live without! So check it out – the 5 beauty products you never knew you needed.




1. Primer: Okay, I’m not sure how I even survived without this product before I fell in love with it, but if you have oily skin like me, you need this in your life. If I plan to be out and about and busy all day, this product is absolutely necessary for making my skin and makeup look as fresh as if it was just applied. Smashbox is my personal favourite, particularly because they have a variety of primers for red skin, oily skin, dry skin, etc. – pick your problem, and the primer will cure it for you!

2. Lip Polish/Scrub: I don’t know what the weather is like where you guys are, but apparently I’m STILL living in the vortex. Every time I step outside I can feel the moisture getting sucked right out of my lips, making it impossible to wear lip colour – until now. You know how you jump in the shower and exfoliate your body until your skin is smooth and new-looking? That’s exactly what lip polish does for your lips. I recommend giving your lips a good scrub every morning before you brush your teeth, and you’ll be able to wear your favourite lipstick no matter what the temperature is outside.

3. Luminizer: It’s no secret that contouring has becoming a huge thing now, and luminizer is a big part of that, but even on the days when you’re opting for a less-makeup look, this product comes in handy. I used to cover up my under-eye bags by slathering concealer over the dark spots in hopes that they would eventually blend in with my face. But our eyes weren’t made to blend in, you want them to pop, right? Right! So opt for luminizer instead – it’ll still disguise those bags, but with a little bit of sparkle.

4. Dry Oil: So tonight everyone is going to watch the Oscars and wonder how J Law looks like she is literally glowing. Well here’s the secret – dry oil! If you’ve been keeping up with my other beauty posts, you’ll know I’m obsessed with this stuff. It’s perfect for those days when you’re showing off a little more skin (hasn’t happened for me in a few weeks since I’m forced to wear 14 layers because of the cold) and your skin just needs a bit of a boost.

5. Eyebrow Pencil: Can I get a moment of silence for the girls who haven’t figured out how to properly use this product yet…. thank you. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul… so logically, your eyebrows are the curtains am I right? But lets get this straight – this pencil is NOT for DRAWING. The only place that has stiff, solid curtains is prison. And another thing, please buy the colour that most closely matches your hair colour wouldn’t buy curtains that didn’t match your walls right? And lastly… if you haven’t adopted the pencil into your beauty routine yet.. well you know how a room without curtains will wake you up at 6 AM when the sun rises? Yeah, something along the lines of that analogy.

And as always, I’m so interested to hear what you guys think! Are any of you as obsessed with this stuff as I am? What products can’t you live without? Sephora VIB’s unite!


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