Spring Trends Worth Braving the Cold For

Spring is just around the corner, I swear. I mean, my calendar said it should have arrived days ago but for some reason it’s still necessary to wear my winter coat. BUT, I never let a little prolonged winter interfere with my spring wardrobe planning – and I’m beyond excited this year, because I finally have a non-uniform summer job where I can make the most of all the pretty prints and styles that are flooding stores.

Now before my shopping list gets too long, I want to share with you the pieces that you must make room in your closet for this season. These pieces shall of course be paired with basics that (I’m assuming) every profashionista already has hanging in her closet, so don’t terrorize me for not adding white jeans to the list (I’m not sure why you wouldn’t own these already). So although there may still be some snow on the ground, let’s stage a fashion protest and prep for spring together!

1. Kimonos: So cute, I absolutely cannot even. This is such a girly, free spirited twist on the cardigan that I’m willing to toss all of my winter wool in the darkest corners of my closet to make room for a whole rack of these. They’re light enough to wear on the hottest days, but are a great cover for when sleeveless just isn’t an option. Floral prints are to die, but you can’t go wrong with solids either.

*PLEASE READ* I feel as a lot of teens and tweens these days are dressing like what their favorite youtubers are dressing like or how the see other girls dressing like. The style today, to me, happens to be really to mature for girls who love fashion and are just following the trends. I've been seeing girls walk around in bralets and bandeus and extremely short shorts. *CONT. IN NEXT PIN*      Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - http://p-interest.in/ lovin' the tiffany blue-ness haleyshade

2. Ballerina Flats: For those of you that don’t know, I was a hardcore ballerina back in my childhood, so perhaps that’s why I feel a hint of nostalgia amongst all of my love for this spring trend. The more ballerina-like, the better – and although I have an undying love for the pointy toed flat, I’m willing to let the ballerina in me out every so often this summer.

leather ballerina flats / zara      Hermes shoes 2011 - Hermes Bolchoi ballerina flats.JPG

3. Jogging Pants: These may be Kanye’s claim to fame, but it was clearly a Kardashian-inspired idea. I’m always looking for pieces that are both cute and comfy, and this piece totally owns that title this year. Wear with a blazer for a dressier look, or a loose-fitting tank for the days when you want to look put together, but realistically, can’t even deal.

Them Leather Jogging Pants that Kanye Started - Song of Style | Ador      http://www.nosigomodas.com/jogging-pants-si-o-no/

4. Cat Eyed Frames: If you’ve ever seen me in my glasses (which is likely, since I believe I’m almost legally blind) you’ll know that I am obsessed with cat eyed frames. And now that sunny days are just around the corner, I’m ready to break the bank for a new pair of fabulous sunnies. So forget the classic Aviator and Wayfarer looks, and spring for something a little more sassy this season. Meow.

Cat Eye Sunglasses      great graphic contrast. black with a bright orange. love the cat eye sunglasses.

5. The Nude Blazer: If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve just launched a little something that I like to call Operation: Own a Blazer in Every Colour. And although it is so necessary to have a blazer rainbow hanging out in my closet, the most crucial colour is nude. I say nude because I’m torn between jackets that range between pink and peachy… needless to say I’m still holding out for my blazer soulmate. But honestly this colour palette is HOT this season, and the lighter the colour, the more outfits it’ll go with.

Cream coat white shirt with leather pant and hand bag      love the light pink blazer..I need one of those.


6 thoughts on “Spring Trends Worth Braving the Cold For

    • Ah I just bought a floral kimono from H&M today! So far the only store that I’ve seen carry them, besides online retailers like TopShop and Asos. I’m hoping more stores will jump on the bandwagon soon!

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