What’s in my Closet? Graphic Tees

I have a  love/hate relationship with the university exam period. Hate because, well, do I really need to explain why? But love because it gives me an excuse to wear sweat pants all day ‘err day. Although I’ve been spending a few toooo many days lounging around this week, I’m still dedicated to showing off a little sass whenever I do leave the house (usually for Starbucks-related emergencies). The perfect way to do this? A graphic tee.

I am obsessed with the graphic-inspired looks I’ve seen floating around Pinterest lately, and I’ve made it my own personal mission to build my own (obviously, branded) collection as well.

Kicking off my Summer 2014 wardrobe was Since 95’s Lineup Tee. My personal career-inspo and style icon Kat Stefankiewicz tweeted a picture of herself wearing the tee, and  I purchased my own within T-2 minutes of seeing her picture. I think I love the shirt so much because it’s like a subtle nod between dedicated Raptors fans. Yes, we have been ruling the Atlantic division this year, and I think huge things are still to come for the team in the future. And although I love the way Toronto has bonded over this new-found love and admiration for their NBA-franchise (with a little help from Mr. Drizzy Drake himself), Since 95’s products are the best gift longtime fans could have asked for. This isn’t to say that I’ll be trading in my jerseys anytime soon, but I’m loving what this brand is doing in terms of mixing sports with streetwear.

I had the opportunity to debut my new wardrobe staple last weekend, and I already have plans to match it with a blazer in the near future. What do you guys think? Don’t forget to check out Since 95 on Twitter (and see if you can spot me in their Twitter header too).

But this is just the beginning, I’m on a serious look-out for tees that resonate with me just like the Lineup Tee did – check out some of my wardrobe inspirations below! And please, fill me in on the companies that YOU think rule the graphic tee division by commenting below!



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