Start the Summer with a BANG!

May 5th is that golden date for most Canadian students. Getting through those final exams was the easy part, but now you’re starting a new job summer job and you want to make the best impression possible (or at least I hope so). I’m a big fan of fresh starts, so I think it’s important to organize your time wisely and make sure you’ve properly recovered from your potentially-traumatizing school year. So instead of spending the next week waking up at noon and binge-watching Netflix, let me tell you how to feel like a whole new woman (or man) by your start date, and get ready to take on the future!

1. Set Goals: Your goals don’t have to be solely work-oriented, but give your summer some meaning by achieving some milestones. For example, I have a workout plan and a reading list that I want to put into action (and you can bet i’ll be writing blogs on both), who said summer was only for relaxing? You may not have to stress about school for a few months, but instead of turning off the productivity switch altogether, use the summer as an opportunity to tackle projects you didn’t have a chance to get to during the school year!

2. Meet the Industry: This is super important if you’re entering a position where you’re not entirely familiar with the industry and all of its current trends and niches (RE: me). Listen, reading isn’t only for school, so take the next week as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with websites, blogs, magazines, social media accounts, and any other medium that can help you soak up as much as possible.

3. Shopping Spree: Yes, I am telling you that it’s okay to treat yourself to a good old-fashioned shopping spree this week, cool right? But the only catch is that you must focus on making purchases relevant to your new found work life. Some things you might want to consider adding to your shopping list include: comfortable (yet obviously stylish, shoes), a professional carries-everything tote bag, a day planner, and a heavy duty travel mug (because coffee is obviously a summer job must-have).


4. Deep Clean: They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! I’m not sure if there’s any truth behind feng shui, but I know it feels so refreshing to clear the dust and clutter out of your room. This is also the perfect time to trash all of your school notes (as long as you won’t be needing them next year), and give away those clothes you realized you didn’t wear ALL winter (even though you said you would).

5. Treat Yourself: You finished another year of school AND you found an awesome summer job, if that’s not enough of a reason to celebrate then I don’t know what is. Mani/pedi, gluttonous nights out, Netflix marathons – pick your poison (or pick them all) because you deserve it. Good luck with all of your summer endeavors, and don’t forget to keep me posted on your new job’s trials and tribulations!*

* This summer I’ll be dedicating a hell of a lot more time to blogging, and I’m hoping to interview fellow university/college students who have landed sweet gigs in their field (you DON’T have to be in PR – in fact, I would love some science and engineering students to definitely get in contact with me… but if you are working in PR and want to be featured please also contact me because y’all know how much I love you). I’m hoping to make this a weekly feature (continuing past the summer as well), so that means I need a lot of you. If you’re interested, or know someone who is working somewhere sweet, please email me at ♥


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