What’s in my Closet? Graphic Tees

I have a  love/hate relationship with the university exam period. Hate because, well, do I really need to explain why? But love because it gives me an excuse to wear sweat pants all day ‘err day. Although I’ve been spending a few toooo many days lounging around this week, I’m still dedicated to showing off a little sass whenever I do leave the house (usually for Starbucks-related emergencies). The perfect way to do this? A graphic tee.

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Spring Trends Worth Braving the Cold For

Spring is just around the corner, I swear. I mean, my calendar said it should have arrived days ago but for some reason it’s still necessary to wear my winter coat. BUT, I never let a little prolonged winter interfere with my spring wardrobe planning – and I’m beyond excited this year, because I finally have a non-uniform summer job where I can make the most of all the pretty prints and styles that are flooding stores.

Now before my shopping list gets too long, I want to share with you the pieces that you must make room in your closet for this season. These pieces shall of course be paired with basics that (I’m assuming) every profashionista already has hanging in her closet, so don’t terrorize me for not adding white jeans to the list (I’m not sure why you wouldn’t own these already). So although there may still be some snow on the ground, let’s stage a fashion protest and prep for spring together!

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Fashion Fix: Don’t Let the Vortex Get in Your Way

Alright, I’ve pretty much had enough of these crazy below-average temperatures…Polar Vortex, can you not? The thing I hate most about this kind of weather is my inability to dress even remotely cute because I’ve made staying warm a priority. But I’m sick of living this way! I have a social calendar jam-packed with events that my down-filled parka just isn’t invited to, so how do I avoid getting frostbite?

I’ve been combing all of my favourite fashion sites, trying to find some tricks to staying warm without wearing eighteen layers, and although there are some articles out there – they all require you to purchase new things! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m still recovering from my Christmas bills so I can’t necessarily afford to buy a whole new Alaskan-inspired wardrobe (especially because I don’t live in Alaska, and I refuse to believe that the temperatures will continue to chill [litereally] at the -30 mark). So like any desperate fashionista, I’ve come up with some of my own tricks to keep my outfits cozy.

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