What High School Doesn’t Teach You

Remember high school? I know, some of us just want to forget those days. But just remember it for a second.

You spend 4 (or 5, orrr sometimes 6) years of your life there, with teachers so-called preparing you for post-secondary school and the real world.

Then you finally graduate, and you’re under the impression that you are fully prepared to begin the next chapter of your life. So you say goodbye to your parents and your hometown friends, and you pack up your high school memories in an honest attempt at becoming a grown up.

But then you realize that there’s a lot you just don’t know how to do, and you find yourself putting your pride to the side and calling your parents (more than once).

So thank you high school, I’m so glad I learned how to write a 5 paragraph essay when my university professors refuse to accept that kind of mockery; I’m so glad I invested copious amounts of time and money to pass a math class that focused more on imaginary numbers and limits that don’t exist, than teaching students about how to find a bank account with a good interest rate. And don’t even get me started on Careers class – I don’t trust any online quiz that tells a girl with zero musical talent, that her #1 career choice should be a musician. Those 5 years of my life would have been much better spent, had I learned the following:

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Keep Calm and Study On

As odd as it may seem, exam season is one of my favourite times of the school year. Simply because of all the extra time I have on my hands! But obviously these last few weeks of school aren’t all fun and games, and if you don’t use your time wisely it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However in the midst of the third year of my undergrad career, I think I’ve finally come up with the ultimate dos and don’ts for maximizing your time and finishing the term off strong. Continue reading