Be the Best You Can Be, Be a Volunteer

I can remember the days when I used to think – volunteering, if only I had the time for that. I think most of us can agree that as a university student, it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to think about anything other than schoolwork. But as a university student that has a part-time job, is actively involved in extracurriculars, has a social life, and maintains a fairly impressive grade point average, I’ve come to realize that there’s always time – what really matters is how we use it. I have to admit that I’m fairly disappointed in how long it took me to realize the many ways that volunteering for a cause you really love can enrich your life in so many ways, so learn from my mistakes and open yourself up to this wonderful experience. Here’s how:

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Volunteerism: It’s Not Worth Taking the Easy Way Out

Earlier this week, my good friend Carly shared an interesting story with me. Her boyfriend Jacob is a corporal in the Canadian Forces, with a reserve unit in Ottawa because he is currently a student.  A few days before Remembrance Day he received the following letter: Continue reading