The Closet Clean-Out: Winter Edition

Have you guys checked out my first article published on the Unwritten blog? If you haven’t – I’ve compiled a list of fun and inexpensive activities to help keep you busy during your Christmas holidays, check it out! One of my favourite boredom busters on the list is the classic closet clean-out; not only is this activity kind of like shopping (seriously you will find things you forgot you even owned), but it’s productive too! What could be better than that?

As the New Year rolls around, I think it’s important to start off the year with a clean closet, along with some brand new staple pieces to help you accomplish all of your goals and resolutions. However, I think it’s easy to get a little carried away in both respects. Sometimes you feel like you have to get rid of an item simply because it’s no longer trendy, or you’ve worn it too many times. And other times, you head to the mall and get so overwhelmed by all of the post-Christmas sales that you end up buying things you never end up wearing – therefore rendering your closet clean-out useless. So in hopes of making this process easier for you guys, I’ve thrown together a list of clothing items that I consider to be closet staples (for winter) – this way you can decide what you need to replace, what shouldn’t be bought, what you need to go get right now, and what can stay!

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My Picks: 2013’s Best PR Campaigns

One of the things I love most about the rise of technology and social media is the amazing PR campaigns that are made possible (and visible) because of these fabulous inventions. It’s probably obvious that I have a soft spot for this kind of thing, but there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing someone’s project come to life and rapidly gain worldwide popularity – I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to watch my own idea unfold in the same way. So as 2013 wraps up, I’d like to take a moment to remember some of my favourite advertisements and campaigns from the year.

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My Picks: The Best of the Christmas Sales

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for all of your favourite stores to capitalize on the seasonal desire for gift giving by offering plenty of amazing sales, it is the season of giving after all. But whether you’re planning on doing some last minute Christmas shopping, or gearing up for some boxing day madness, make sure to treat yourself to a gift or two – you made it through another whole year after all! Now I’m not one for crowds, so if I’m shopping at this time of year I must have a game plan in mind. So to keep your holiday shopping experience more pleasurable than painful, I’ve made note of some of my favourite holiday sales, so you can be sure to include these in your game plan too.

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