So You Wanna Work in Sports?

Yesterday I decided to take an extended study break and check out an awesome networking event hosted by the Hamilton Bulldogs. Although I’ve pretty much set myself up job-wise for the next year, I’m still so interested in seeing what else is out there, and generally, I find listening to other people’s career stories so inspiring and motivating (the perfect kind of study break during exam time, right?)

The event was hosted by the Hamilton Bulldogs, and featured  a bunch of speakers from the Bulldogs, Niagara Icedogs, the Niagara Sports Commission, Global Spectrum, The Aspire Group, and more (but sadly, no one from MLSE). We were given the opportunity to listen to everyone’s career stories, with a chance to network and apply in-person to some of the organizations’ open positions at the end. Oh and the best part, our event ticket also gave us access to the Bulldogs’ game later in the evening.

Now I’m not fully focused on working in the sports industry, although I’m beyond excited for my summer internship with a national sports organization and I dream about working in the NBA – I’m trying to keep an open mind as I also love the fashion, beauty, lifestyle industries… the list goes on. And although I didn’t actively participate in the networking aspect of the event, I definitely gained some valuable insight in what working for a sports organization would entail. And since I know I’m not the only one interested in this industry, here are the top five pieces of advice that execs had to give to the audience:

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Guest Post: Keep Calm and (Job) Search On

For those of you who are unaware, I’m happy to say that my blog has recently been accepted into the Her Campus Blogger Network. This has been an amazing opportunity for me, as I regularly converse with fellow bloggers about any questions that I have, sponsorships, reviews… but the best part of it all is making cool new friends from across the globe! I recently made a connection with Tiffany Khyla from Endless Bliss who was nice enough to have me write a guest post for her Motivated Mondays series!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend anyone, regardless of your age and industry, to check out my post about how to stay motivated during your job search. I’ve definitely needed to take my own advice lately, so hopefully you guys can benefit from my tricks as well.

Check out the post here: Motivated Mondays: Keep Calm and (Job) Search On

Happy job hunting!

Nail Your Summer Job Search

Let’s face it, the summer job search is really not fun for anyone. But I love the thought of finding a brand new summer opportunity, because it’s the perfect time to learn outside of the classroom while gaining new contacts and new resume material. Last year I was lucky enough to have a fairly successful job search, so I’ve raised the bar for myself this year – and you should too! Here are a few of my secrets for nailing the summer job search:

career aspirations unemployment gif

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