My Picks: The Best of the Christmas Sales

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity for all of your favourite stores to capitalize on the seasonal desire for gift giving┬áby offering plenty of amazing sales, it is the season of giving after all. But whether you’re planning on doing some last minute Christmas shopping, or gearing up for some boxing day madness, make sure to treat yourself to a gift or two – you made it through another whole year after all! Now I’m not one for crowds, so if I’m shopping at this time of year I must have a game plan in mind. So to keep your holiday shopping experience more pleasurable than painful, I’ve made note of some of my favourite holiday sales, so you can be sure to include these in your game plan too.

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My Picks: Secret Santa Gifts for Everyone

You know how Secret Santa can just be like, so awkward? I mean it’s one thing when it’s a fun gift exchange between close friends…. but what happens when the office gets involved? That ‘gag gift’ from the Stag Shop probably wouldn’t be so funny if you had to give it to your boss now, would it? (Then again, your boss might be that type of person, and in that case go for it!) So for all of you still struggling to think of the perfect gift for your co-worker or classmate, you’re lucky I’ve been procrastinating studying, because I’ve put together a list of my favourite Secret Santa gift ideas!

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My Picks: Holiday Wear

If you’re like me, when you know you’ll be attending many holiday events in the upcoming weeks, outfit planning takes over your life. I absolutely have to have some festive outfits ready to wear by the time December starts, so I’ve already been compiling a list of things I must pick up while “Christmas Shopping” (aka my excuse for the excessive amount of online shopping purchases and shopping trips I’ve had lately).

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