My Picks: Tips for Newsletter Writing

If you haven’t already heard, the McMaster CSMMSS has some wonderful PR interns that have created an awesome newsletter called Medium, it’s seriously great. Because of my experience in newsletter writing (I was the proud writer of African Lion Safari’s employee newsletter this past summer, and am currently working on McMaster University’s Facility Services newsletter) , I shared some of my tips with them this week!

Unfortunately I had to learn the tricks of the trade on my own, but I’m totally into sharing what I’ve learned so far. So for anyone who may be asked to put together something like this, here are some tips I suggest remembering:

1. Remember your Purpose: Newsletters are meant to inform, so that is the concept your article should be reflecting. Make sure key information is included first, and let the fun stuff come after (if space permits).

2. Remember your Audience: Keep in mind who will be reading the newsletter, and make sure you write in a language that would appeal to them.

3. Keep it Simple: Short sentences are key. Readers are reading this newsletter to, first and foremost, get informed – so that needs to be the #1 priority of your writing. Descriptive words and other fluff distract from the main point, and they could even make the reader stop reading.

4. Remember the 5 W’s (and the H): When writing, keep the following letters in mind to deliver the best-quality information; the newsletter should answer questions, not create more!
Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How… and most importantly, make sure this information is accurate!

5. Be Creative: Newsletters don’t have to be all boring, so with your purpose and audience in mind, come up with some fun content to enhance the newsletter.

Do you guys have any other helpful suggestions for newsletter writing? Comment below, I’d love to hear them!


What are your thoughts?

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